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Barn Door Kits

Q: How much clearance do I need above the door?
A: It depends on the hardware pattern you choose. Each hardware kit has different clearance requirements but a general “rule of thumb” is a minimum 6” from the top of the door opening to the ceiling.

Q: What is the maximum door width I can use?
A: The maximum width is 1220mm (48”) per pair of rollers.

Q: What is the maximum door thickness I can use?
A: Each kit has 2 sets of bolts this will give a thickness range of 35mm -45mm (1 3/8”- 1 ¾”) If you have a thicker door you can also rebate or countersink the bolt on the back of the door.

Q: What is the maximum door weight I can hang on your kits?
A: The kits are endurance tested 20,000 times under a load of 220kgs; HOWEVER we recommend a maximum load of 180kgs.

Q: Can I order a bespoke track length?
A: All standard kits come with 2 metres of track, 2 lengths of track, 1m long each. You can add extra track by purchasing an extension kit.

Q: How do Extension Kits work?
A: These are in 1m multiples per kit, they are complete with both solid wall and timber screws for fixing and all necessary connectors and components   If you require a length less than “full” metre you can cut down the rail to suit, we recommend cutting both ends to balance out the fixing points.

Q: My builder wants to prepare the door opening prior to purchase, can you provide information?
A: Happy to oblige! Email us your chosen kit and we’ll send you a PDF of the instructions, we also speak “builderese” so please pass our details to your contractor and we can liaise directly.

Q: Can the track attach directly to plasterboard?
A: Yes, but only if you have a timber stud built into your wall.  If you do not have a timber stud built into the wall, you will need to mount the hardware to a wood header board.  The reason for this is that the hardware rails come with predrilled holes that may not line up with the studs in your wall.  We recommend a wooden header board with the following dimensions; 1" thick, 4-1/2" tall and 12" longer than the hardware rail length.

Q: Why do I need a bottom guide?
A: The bottom guide helps keep the door and stops it “flapping” off the wall.  The door should always remain in contact with the bottom guide.

Q: Why do I need the anti jump discs?
A: When fitted in accordance with the installation manual, these stop the door leaving the track if thrown open or closed too fast.

Q: Can I paint the kits to suit my colour scheme?
A: Yes, any colour you want! We recommend you use an enamel spray paint for a contemporary clean finish. Paint the kit before installing and don’t forget to paint the bolt heads!

Q: Can I use the door kits outside?
A: Yes you can. But please note moving parts and rail edges will need maintaining with WD 40 or similar. Some of our customers have intentionally “rusted” up their kits for a used industrial look.

Q: Can I use these kits with glass doors?
A: No, the kits are not interchangeable with timber or glass. The product page will tell you the door type you can use.

Q: Do you supply doors to suit these kits?
A: We are working on a range of doors, email us for info.

Q: How much should my door overlap the opening?
A: We suggest a door-to-frame overlap is 1" per side.

Q: Is there a ratio of track length to door?
A: As a general rule, the track is twice the length of the door width. You can of course have a longer track and adjust the door stops to suit.

Q: I want to install double doors, what do I need?
A: Here are some typical examples

  • Example 1. If you want double doors, buy 2 kits (total rail length 4M)
  • Example 2. If you want double doors with a total rail length of 1.8M, buy 2 kits and trim to suit.
  • Example 3. If you want double doors and a 4.8M rail length, buy 2 kits and 1 extension kit.
  • Example 4. If you want a single door and a 1.8M rail buy one kit and trim to suit.

Q: What’s not included in the kits?
A: You will need to supply your own door and handle. Some glass door kits have handles included, clearly stated on the product page.

Q: Does your hardware have a Warranty?
A: Yes, our hardware comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. See the Boring Bits section for details.

Can’t find an answer? Feel free to email, we’ll respond by return!

FAQ - General Shipping questions

Q: Where do you ship?
A: Standard shipping is UK mainland only, please email us for Highlands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, IOM, IOW.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we can ship internationally.  Please email us and we will provide a quotation.

Q: How quickly will I receive my order?
A: Standard orders are shipped within 24hrs of placing your order Monday – Friday, on a next day service. Orders placed after 10.00am Friday will dispatch on the following Monday (excludes Bank Holidays)

Q: Who do you use for standard shipping?
A: We use UPS for all domestic UK shipping and Royal Mail “signed for” for small packages.