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1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy

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Image of 1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy
  • Image of 1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy
  • Image of 1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy
  • Image of 1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy
  • Image of 1940's , Oil Painting, 'Poissons' Adrien Holy

Superb oil on canvas by the celebrated Swiss artist, Adrien Holy (1898 - 1978) depicting a mackerel, plaice and trout in a white ceramic dish. Luscious thick application of paint, especial over the mackerel's back. Courageous viridescent colours, with goldfish orange and lemon sherbet.

Adrien was the son of the artist Jules Holy. He studied at the art schools in Bern (Switzerland) from 1915 until 1916, at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts La Chaux-de-Fonds and the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Geneva. He travelled in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Norway. Lived from 1920 until 1939 in Paris and was married to the artist Ellisif Björset.

Between 1922 until 1958 his works have been represented in many exhibitions including Salon de Indépendants, Paris 1922-39; Salon Automne de Paris 1922-39; Gallery Chéron 1928; Gallery Blomquist, Oslo 1931; Gallery Marseille, Paris 1936; Collective exhibition 1938 in the gallery Aktuaryus in Zurich; Musée DE L'Athenée, Genéve 1940, 47 and 1958; Musée de St.Imier 1942 and 1948; Gallery Beaux-Arts, Zurich 1943; Galerie du Capitole, Lausanne 1944 and 1949; Gallery Wolfsberg, Zurich 1946, 49, 52, 1955 , and 1957; Gallery Véandre, Payerne 1949 and 1953; Gallery Motte, Genéve 1950 and 1953; Gallery Bettie Thommen, Bàle 1951; Galerie La Vieille Fontaine, Lausanne 1951; Exposure à St.Imier, 1957; Gallery ABC In Winterthur 1957.

His works can be found in many European museums and galleries including Museum Jeu de Paume and Musée du Petit Palais in Paris as in Neuchàtel, Glaris, Luzern, Bern, St.Imier, Aarau, St.Gallen, Geneva, Rohrschach, Thoune, Lausanne, Chicago, Straßburg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, in the Zurich Art Society and the Foundation Oskar Reinhart in Winterthur.

Frame: Vintage Montparnasse Frame
CM: 58 x 46
Inches: 23 x 18
CM: 46 x 33
Inches: 18 x 13
Provenance: signed top left, signed verso, ex private collection Brussels.
Condition: Small historical and invisible repair. Frame has some damp marks and foxing to the passe-partout commensurate with its age.
Date: 1940's